Cakes Flavours

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The quality of the cake is every bit as important as the decoration. If you require a tiered cake ,even if it is stacked why not have diffrent flavoured layered to suit all your guests pallette.

All sponge cakes are made fresh to order within days of collection to ensure a fresh moist cakes.

All fruit cakes are made to order with three months to mature (where ever possible)and fed with the alcohol of your choice,such as rum, brandy or sherry.

VANILLA AND RASPBERRY SPONGE – A very popular choice. Light airy sponge layered with cream and a sumptuous jam, then covered with sugerpaste.

RICH FRUIT CAKE – soaked in your prefered alcohol . Containing plump raisons currants and sultanas with a moist texture. Nuts cherries and fruit peel can be added or ommitted as required.. Covered in a generous layer of marzipan and then coated in sugarpaste.

RICH CHOCOLATE SPONGE – Layers of velvety chocolate sponge filled with a rich chocolate cream which can be flavoured with orange or mint if required for that little bit of difference.

MADIRA CAKE – This delectable sponge allows unique shapes and designs for novelty cakes .Filled with cream that can have a hint of lemon added to enhance its flavour.

CARROT CAKE – A moist and spicy alternative  filled with rich buttercream.

LEMON CAKE – A light airy sponge flavoured naturally with the zest and juice of lemons. Filled with cream and delicious lemon curd. Leaves those taste buds tingleing.

RAINBOW CAKES – choose between 4 and 6 colours and lacy will create for you a rainbow on a plate.Can be filled with either vanilla cream or jam of your choice.

CHOCOLATE ORANGE LAYERED CAKE – Layers of rich chocolate cake and sumptuous orange cake,together make a perfect partnership. Filled with chocolate and vanilla cream.